Strengthening and Developing student athletes into Complete Student Athletes.

  • Sports Performance for Student Athletes

  • Strength training for Student Athletes

  • Explosiveness training for Student Athletes

  • Sports therapy for Student Athletes

The Two01 Sports Performance Complex is brought to you by  the Two01 Basketball Academy, Inc. We are proud to bring the highest quality sports performance training. Our licensed staff of strength & conditioning specialist aligned with our team of Sports Therapists will change the way high school, collegiate and professional athletes look at how to prepare for their season.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.

Stacey Daniels • Executive Director


Developing student athletes into Complete Student Athletes through proper Strength & Conditioning 


Developing student athletes into Complete Student Athlete through Elite Sports Therapy 


Developing  student athletes into Complete Student Athletes through Explosiveness Training


Developing student athletes into Complete Student Athletes through Sports Performance

Physical Therapy Evaluation

During our first session, We  will conduct a thorough evaluation, starting with reviewing your medical history, past injuries, habits and physical activity; followed by a physical examination, including movement and posture analysis. The session will conclude with a diagnosis and the design of a comprehensive treatment plan in accordance with your personal goals.

$290/ 60-90 min.

Physical Therapy Treatment

During subsequent sessions, I will use different manual techniques, such as joint traction, mobilization, manipulation and myofascial tissue release to restore proper movement. Coaching you on proper body mechanics and exercises will increase your stamina, decrease your chances of suffering another injury and above all allow you to return to an active lifestyle as soon as possible.

$250/ 60-90 min.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Personal Training

One on One Therapy

Physical Therapy Personal Training

We also offer comprehensive one-on-one physical therapy personal training sessions. My unique skill set as a personal trainer with a background in physical therapy and strength and conditioning sets me apart from most personal trainers. Through our sessions, We will help you reach your fitness goals, whether they are losing weight, gaining strength or endurance, improving sports performance or overall health and wellness. It is my passionate belief that long-term dedication to exercise will help you achieve the best quality of life possible.

$150/60 min.


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